Bucharest, Romania e-Guide: all Must-See highlights Itinerary

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This 2 DAYS Bucharest eGuide is perfect for you if:

- you want the freedom to explore the center of Bucharest at your own pace

- you don't have endless hours to spend researching and planning a full day itinerary -> this eGuide saves you so much time

- you like sightseeing by walking (2-3 hours)

- you don't want to miss any hidden gems and locals' favorite spots

- you just want to come and enjoy Bucharest like a local

What are you getting from this eGuide?

  • all you need to know before your visit: local customs, safety tips, how to use public transportation, where to stay & eat, money exchange, fun activities and much more
  • an itinerary connecting all the highlights of central Bucharest
  • Google Maps location links (just click and walk)
  • 70+ images to help you find the right spots, see good photo angles and build a story of each place
  • sweet & short fun facts about each place
  • suggestions for the best restaurants, terraces, cafes in central areas + traditional Romanian dishes recommendations
  • nightlife suggestions: best bars and clubs to spend a fun night out and meet locals
  • find out where to shop for gifts and souvenirs

The E-guide has all the info you could ever need to enjoy Bucharest like a local. Saves you time, money and avoids any confusion or stress.

Note: you will receive a link where the guide is posted. Enter the password: 1
The guide is online so it can be constantly updated, for the best city experience.

* This guide is based on my travel experience of 130+ cities around the world, my knowledge as a tour guide, and (6 years) working in organizing events + endless hours of talks and story sharing with world travelers.

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easy to use Bucharest itinerary, with Google Maps locations + all the tips a traveler need to know about Bucharest

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